They say that buying a house is one of the most stressful life events. Wouldn't it be nice if the process was as smooth as possible? Where you don't have to get lost in paperwork, face high rates, and wonder if it's the right thing to do at all?

Your home is the biggest purchase you'll ever make and, chances are, you'll need a mortgage. As a first-time home buyer though, the mortgage industry can be complicated and overwhelming. 

A mortgage advisor helps you navigate the entire mortgage process. It's important that you have the most up-to-date information and access to the best deals to keep your costs down. 

If you want to find out more about getting expert help to secure the best possible mortgage for you, keep reading. 

How a Mortgage Advisor Can Help You Get a Better Deal

Mortgages are complicated for seasoned home buyers, let alone first-time buyers. Banks want you to sign up for their mortgages and spin a compelling story to get you to go with them. But is that mortgage really right for your needs?

You might think that getting a mortgage broker is just adding another complexity into the process. But actually, a broker can hugely simplify your mortgage options and provide invaluable guidance. 

Let's first take a look at why considering getting a mortgage advisor might be the perfect solution. 

1. They're Experts

You can learn anything you want to with enough time and effort. But there are some industries where it's simply better to get expert help. Mortgage brokers are experts in an evolving and complex industry. 

When you're dealing with huge amounts of money, it's sensible to get the advice of someone who knows the system inside-out. Your mortgage advisor will have experience in different types of mortgages, know which banks are best, and be able to stop you from making costly mistakes. 

2. Better Access to Mortgages

You would think that banks would give you the same deal they'd offer your mortgage broker but this isn't always true. Mortgage brokers often have long-standing relationships with banks and access to better deals. 

They negotiate on your behalf for a mortgage that's affordable and suited to your exact circumstances. Doing this yourself is time-consuming and difficult, especially for first-time buyers. 

For the best mortgage rates possible, it's best to have a mortgage broker handle this for you. 

3. Saves You Time

If there's one universal truth in the mortgage industry, it's that it contains a lot of paperwork. When you approach mortgage lenders yourself, you must complete the paperwork for each one to get your quote. Buying a house is a long process and finding the right mortgage can make up a large chunk of that time. 

By using a personal loan broker to find a mortgage, they do all that hard work for you. After discussing your personal situation with them, they'll be able to explain and advise on the right type of mortgage for you. 

You can then leave them to get quotes, negotiate with lenders and advise you on the options. This means you'll have far more time to spend dreaming up more exciting things, like all the fun you'll have in your new home. 

4. Specialists in Low Down Payment Mortgages

Getting your down payment together is tough in today's housing market but there's plenty of help out there. Lenders are less keen to give good rates to those with little down and without a broker, you might struggle to find a mortgage at all. 

By choosing a mortgage advisor who specializes in low down payment mortgages, you stand a better chance of getting a loan that works with the money you've got. 

Having a smaller down payment than the standard 20% will mean your monthly repayments will be larger. You might have to take out Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) too. Your mortgage advisor will be able to advise you on all the complicated requirements for low down mortgages. 

As specialists, mortgage brokers have better access to loans, you could buy a house with as little as a 3% or 5% down payment. Doesn't that sound more manageable than 20%?

5. Saves You Money 

You might think that getting a mortgage advisor will put your costs up, not down. But actually, many mortgage brokers have their fees covered by the lender, not by you. Because they work hard to secure you the best mortgage with the lowest interest rates, you could save thousands by using a mortgage advisor and not have to spend anything additional out of pocket. 

When you start looking for a broker, always ask them what their fees are and who will be paying them. They will also be able to tell you about other fees in the mortgage process that you will have to pay and provide you with an outline of the costs.

6. Great for Low Credit Score Mortgages

If you're a Millennial, you might feel down about your chances of getting a mortgage due to your credit score. It's a big factor in getting a good mortgage and you should try to improve your credit score as much as possible. 

But just because you don't have a great score, it doesn't mean home-ownership is out of your reach. 

There are still ways to buy a property with a less-than-ideal credit score. A mortgage broker who has experience securing loans for low credit scores will be able to advise you about your options. 

How to Find a Mortgage Broker

Mortgage brokers can help you get a much better deal than you would by going it alone. But not all brokers are the same.

There are several good ways to find a mortgage broker and we have some tips for what to look out for when choosing.


If you have friends or family who've worked with a mortgage broker, ask them about their experience. This is especially valuable if they had similar circumstances to yours.


Search for mortgage brokers in your area online and check out their reviews. Good mortgage broker websites will have a review section so you can see what other home buyers have thought about their services.


Not all mortgage brokers have the same level of experience so it's important that you choose a broker who is an expert in your situation. You can browse their websites or give them a call to check whether they're suited to you. A common specialism is low down payment mortgages, brokers who work with first-time buyers and quick closings.

Local Knowledge

The types of mortgages and amounts you can borrow depend on your state and area. When you're looking for a mortgage broker, find one that is local to where you want to buy and who knows the region well. They'll be able to offer wide-ranging advice for the location you want to buy in. 

There are different closing procedures for different states as well as different regulations and laws. Having an out-of-state mortgage broker means you risk losing this crucial local expertise. 

Securing a mortgage can often be time-sensitive as well. You don't want to have a mortgage advisor in a different time zone as transactions can be delayed. Being within easy driving distance means you can sign and deliver documents quickly. 

Make Sure You Get Along

Getting a mortgage can be stressful so you want to choose a mortgage broker that you like. When you find a mortgage broker who looks good, give them a call or arrange a meeting to have a chat about what they can do for you.

They shouldn't make you feel pressured into using their services and will outline the process, any fees, and what you can expect.


All mortgage brokers in the US are regulated by the Federal Government, state laws and state licensing. This includes the National Multi-State Licensing System and Registry. Tighter restrictions have been placed upon the mortgage industry since the 2008 crisis, adding further protections for buyers. 

Any mortgage broker should be happy to tell you how they are regulated and reassure you about their relationships with lenders. 

Get a Mortgage That Suits You

There are different types of mortgages with varying interest rates and terms. Trying to work out which is best for you can drastically slow the process down. Choosing the wrong mortgage could leave you thousands out of pocket and make you vulnerable to market shifts, not a great outcome!

To make the process is as easy as possible and to help ensure you secure a mortgage that suits your situation, finding a mortgage advisor is a good option. Because advisors don't work for a specific lender, they're free to get competitive rates and shop around for the best deal. 

If you're looking to buy a home in Seattle, Washington, considering working with a mortgage broker that will help take the pressure off. A broker can open up the option of using a smaller down payment and allow you to finally afford the home you want. 

Get in touch with us today to see how we can help you get your dream home. 

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