Buying your dream home in a busy big city such as Seattle can be an uphill challenge, especially if you are looking to settle down with your family. As your ideal suburban home wishlist becomes longer, you might find it harder to zero in on a place that perfectly fits your requirements, and most importantly, budget. 

But, Seattle has so much to offer that you are highly unlikely to end up disappointed at the end of your home search. There are a plethora of beautiful suburbs in and around the city that are perfect for raising a family. 

Whether you are just moving into the area, have your first baby on the way and need a bigger place, or you are just finding the mayhem of downtown a bit of a grind, we’ve got you covered. Check out our list of the best Seattle suburbs to buy a home now.

The Big Question: Downtown Vs. Seattle Suburbs

There’s lots to love about Seattle. The endlessly charming downtown can lift anyone’s spirits and has so much to offer. Though unless you really must live downtown, you might prefer the peace and quiet that comes with living a little further out in the burbs. Especially as a family with kids.

Seattle certainly has its appeal. Plenty of people move here and never leave. Yet, for as beautiful and peaceful as the region is, downtown is a bit of a different beast. If money is no object, a smaller place fits just right, and you thrive on urban living, you can find a place that works. 

However, if traffic is a pet peeve, you’re not used to living among all the antics of a large city, or you don’t plan to live out of a tent on the sidewalk, the Seattle suburbs can offer far more. You can always spend your weekends exploring the city when you like too. This is ideal if you want to raise a family in a nice, quiet, and friendly neighbourhood where your kids have access to schools and parks, away from the city noise. 

Plus, with the new world of remote work and so much more time being spent at home and more members of households working at home and the rise in homeschooling, there has never been a time when moving out to the burbs has been so appealing. 

Here's our list of the best family- friendly suburbs of Seattle where you can raise your children in peace and quiet, close to nature, and still enjoy the proximity to city so you can explore it at your own pace.


Best Seattle Suburbs For Your Dream Home

Clyde Hill

Clyde Hill, WA is nestled between Northwest Bellevue and Medina. It boasts an even higher home average price. Making it a small but luxurious neighborhood for the discerning home buyer. Like Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella who has owned a home here. 

The average home value in Clyde Hill was over $3M as of early 2021. Prices can go much higher. Though we are also talking about 4 to 8 bedroom homes with 2,000 to 7,000 square feet of living space. 

Choosing from classic and modern architectural designs, with room for a pool and epic views over the lake, mountains and downtown skyline. 

Prices here are expected to rise by another 11.2% by November 2021 according to Zillow.

Suburb Clyde Hill WA

Clyde Hill - Source: Seattle Times

Mercer Island

If living by the water is what inspires you, then Mercer Island is for you. Here you’ll be living right in the middle of Lake Washington. While notably less expensive than prestigious Clyde Hill, you’ll find plenty of dock space for your own boat, and some of the most envied views. 

Average home values here are a little under $1.8M as of the beginning of 2021. Though you can easily spend several million for a modern multi storey estate with outdoor fireplaces and thousands of square feet of living space. Prices here are forecast to rise an average of $1.94M by November 2021. 

Mercer Island is connected to the city of Seattle and Bellevue via two floating bridges. 

Notable people who have lived or were born here include cofounder of Microsoft, Paul Allen, Barack Obama’s mother, former chairman of Nintendo, Howard Lincoln, and Alan Mullally who was the former CEO of Ford.

Mercer Island, Washington

Mercer Island - Source: Wikipedia

Maple Valley

Maple Valley has become one of the most popular suburbs of Seattle to move to. With an average home price of just over $560k, home buyers can get a lot of home for the money here. It’s ideal for families looking for lots of living space on a more reasonable budget. Though prices may rise almost 12% in 2021 according to forecasts. 

This suburb got its name by picking names out of a hat back in 1879. It began as an early railroad town, and for coal mining and lumber. 

Expect to have to commute for at least an hour to downtown Seattle or Tacoma, but if you have the freedom of working remotely, this might be one of the best Seattle suburbs for you. Especially if you love the outdoors and hitting the nature trails is one of your favorite things to do with your kids on the weekends.

Maple Valley, Washington

Mapple Valley - Source Cloudinary.com


If you are looking for a safe, quiet life for your family, this is one of the most ideal Seattle suburb to buy a home in.

Duvall is known for its small town feel and having the lowest crime rates in King County. Grow vegetables, shop local stores, and attend the occasional parade or festival. 

Choose rustic farmhouses, spacious single family estates, and brand new construction townhouses. Or find a vacant lot and build your own dream home here.

Average home prices here sat just above $700k at the beginning of 2021. They are expected to rise by around 12% by the end of the year. 

Duvall Washington

Duvall - Source: Multifamilyexecutive.com


Back to the slightly more pricey end of the market with an average home price around $955k. Up 13% since the beginning of 2020. Redmond is rich in history and still offers a close commute to downtown.

Redmond is for those who love cycling. Here you’ll find the only velodrome in the state. With no business or personal income tax this can also be a great place to start your own company. You’ll be close to Microsoft, Nintendo, and even SpaceX and Hyperloop.

Redmond has a number of historic homes and buildings dating back to the early 1900s . Home buyers will find a variety of single family homes and cosy condos to choose from.

Redmond Washington

Redmond - Source: vdbcompass.com


With an average home price under $800,000, Snoqualmie offers a good balance between cost and commute. Though prices are expected to rise by almost another 12% over the next year. You’ll still only be 25 miles from Seattle proper, but with plenty of beautiful open space. 

Here you’ll find PGA level golf, shopping and many backdrops that were used in the Twin Peaks TV show. Housing options range from modest single family homes to newer row houses and vacant land with spectacular mountain views for crafting your own dream residence. 

Snoqualmie Washington

Snoqualmie - Source: Okapointe.com


Sammamish is technically one of the more recently incorporated areas of Seattle. Most of the homes and townhouses available here are new construction. You can still commute from here if you wish. This plus the great natural beauty of the area puts the average home price tag just over $1M. That could rise an extra $160,000 in the months ahead.  Though it may be well worth it for those buyers who really crave the best of all worlds. 

Sammamish sits between Lake Sammamish and the Snoqualmie Valley. This is one of the fastest growing areas around Seattle, with the population up around 40% at the last two census counts. 

Sammamish Washington

Sammamish - Source: Seattle Times

Seattle’s Best Neighborhoods For Families

If none of these suburbs are doing it for you, then check out these Seattle neighborhoods for families that offer the best of both worlds - suburban tranquility as well as the city pace and excitement.These are just as popular among families and are located within city limits. 

  1. Ballard
  2. South Lake Union
  3. Leschi
  4. North Admiral
  5. Montlake
  6. Greenwood


Washington continues to attract many businesses and new residents who love the low income taxes, amazing nature, views and lifestyle. There are plenty of places to choose to live, work, explore or start a business. Downtown certainly isn’t for everyone, given how busy, chaotic, and noisy it can get. Those with families may especially love this collection of the best suburbs to buy a home to enjoy the proximity to nature. Find the one that matches your budget, house size, view and commute requirements and get approved for a home loan today.

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