With a population of over 785,000, Seattle is a hugely popular city with many unique neighborhoods. If you’re thinking about moving to Seattle in the future, or just buying a new home, identifying the best neighborhood is a big part of the decision you’ll have to make.

From areas that are appealing to a younger demographic, fashionable urban locations, quieter areas, waterfront views, and those with the best schools, Seattle’s Mortgage Broker presents you with them all.

Nicest Neighborhoods To Live In Seattle

In this article, we have composed a list of various neighborhoods that are best known for a range of factors. Depending on your requirements, you might find some more appealing than others. Regardless of whether you’re planning your first move or looking for a place for your family, this list has something for everyone.

1. Greenwood

Greenwood is particularly appealing to those with younger kids, due to the quiet roads which are rarely jammed with traffic. This lack of traffic is partially down to most attractions being within short walking distance. It also has a good number of shops and catering facilities, for whenever you fancy a meal out with the family.

This neighborhood is a particularly desirable one within Seattle, so finding a highly trained broker is key to securing a purchase. You’ll also have to be decisive in order to find the perfect property and beat out the competition. Homes in Greenwood offer affordability, with the current median sitting at approximately $710,000.

2. Queen Anne

Similar to Greenwood, Queen Anne is a location that can easily be traversed by foot. The downtown area can be accessed in just a few minutes from most places within the neighborhood. Queen Anne is separated into Lower and Upper counterparts, with the two being slightly different.

The Upper portion of Queen Anne is brought to life by exquisite Victorian-era builds. This part feels safer as it is usually quieter throughout the day. House sales here sit at an average of $898,000 in 2021.

Lower Queen Anne is considered to be more modern, with new construction in the area. If you’re looking for a condo or small apartment, there is no shortage of these in the lower area of Queen Anne. At present, the median house price for this neighborhood is $575,000.

3. South Lake Union

South Lake Union offers the cheapest average house prices on the list, which is currently in the region of $577,000. This neighborhood is perhaps best known for housing the Amazon headquarters, further establishing South Lake as a technologically advanced place to live in Seattle.

The area of South Lake is also full of condos, making it ideal for a younger demographic. However, this neighborhood is also relatively quiet so would be a great destination for a family looking for a home. South Lake Union has a modern aesthetic, with touches of old Seattle architecture still visible throughout.

4. Capitol Hill


Capitol Hill is one of the most popular neighborhoods featured in this article. The rich city life offers plenty to do and see, including coffee shops and restaurants for those who want to indulge. While this area is busy, it still offers a level of safety higher than some other locations that are not mentioned on this list.

In 2021, the median house price in Capitol Hill is $632,000, which is still relatively affordable. This neighborhood lends itself to young professionals in particular, with a lively and friendly atmosphere.  If you like to party, the bars and clubs are likely to offer a greater incentive for Capitol Hill to be your favorite candidate.

5. Fremont

Being among the most laid-back areas in Seattle, Fremont stands out from the crowd. This neighborhood is incredibly walkable and houses a variety of places to chill with friends and family. This area also offers a variety of unique attractions, making it best suited to those who like to live outside the box a little. These venues comprise mainly of indie style coffee cafes, bars and higher end restaurants to name just a few.

Fremont has regular buildings and new attractions, while also retaining the charm it has always held. The average purchase price for a property in Fremont is $829,000, while you can expect to pay about $2,500 a month in terms of renting.

6. Ballard

Ballard is an incredibly unique neighborhood to live in, featuring a wealth of culture. Originally, Ballard was a Scandinavian fishing community but has adapted to meet the requirements of modern day living. Nowadays you can find a large number of distilleries and breweries, in addition to plenty of wonderful places to eat.

This neighborhood is suitable for family living due to the amount of above average schools in the area. Ballard is also considered a safe place to live, allowing you to be surrounded by warm and friendly people. The current median price for homes in Ballard is around $768,000, putting it right in the center of affordability.

7. Leschi

Leschi takes the final spot on our list of the nicest neighborhoods in Seattle for 2021. Another area that can easily be accessed by foot and is loaded with beauty at every turn. Leschi is located on Lake Washington and has a rich culture of boating, adding further character to this stunning area. While there isn’t an abundance of shops, there are a few places you can rely on for everyday essentials.

It’s among the quietest places to live in Seattle currently and as a result, is a highly sought-after location for family life. The price reflects this being one of the most desirable living areas, with the average housing cost being at about $900,000. It’s the most expensive neighborhood featured here, but is certainly one of the nicest.

The Nicest Neighborhoods In Seattle to Live for 2021

We hope this article has helped you to identify a desirable location to live in Seattle. Each area brings a unique set of benefits and features for your consideration. Another key difference between each area is the price point, so evaluating your budget is key before making a decision. Regardless of your housing requirements, Seattle has a range of neighborhoods that are perfect for almost anyone.

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