Looking for the best Seattle suburbs for families looking to buy a home this year?

2020 is the year of going back to the ‘burbs. There is more motivation and urgency to move out to Seattle’s suburbs than ever before. With low interest rates, and mortgages still available, Seattle home buyers can get a lot of home for the money in the suburbs, and a lot more peace of mind.

Location, Location, Location

They say making a good real estate buy is all about “location, location, location.”

Even without recent historical events smart home buyers have been rethinking and reevaluating what a good location means.

Nothing stays the same forever. That has applied to every civilization on earth, and even many once world leading cities in the US. When you are thinking about buying a home, or other asset, it is just wise to consider how it will continue to perform and how its value and appeal may change over time.

Think about how long you might own this home. How long might you hope your family owns this home after you are gone? Trends are always changing. So, what’s trendy today, or was yesterday probably won’t have the same appeal in five years from now. The same goes for 10 years from now.

Yesterday, many people were sold on the theory that they needed to live downtown in order to work. Billions of dollars were plowed into trying to make dense urban living fashionable. Even if it was far more beneficial to local authorities and builders than residents.

For several years now, people have been seeing beyond the headlines and thinking for themselves. They want more value for their dollar when it comes to buying a home. They haven’t had to live in a downtown to get an equally high paying job for at least 12 years. They crave more sustainability and self-sufficiency when it comes to being green, healthy and controlling expenses like food, water and electricity.

They are not finding that in tiny downtown condos. They are finding what they want in the suburbs and single family homes in even more rural communities. This is likely where property values will grow the most over the next 10 years.

Even more so with the urgency that global pandemics and anarchy has brought. A house with a garden is far more appealing and valuable if you have to be under quarantine, or there are riots in the city.

So, whether you are just moving to the Seattle, WA area, have a baby on the way or extended family moving in and need more space, or just need somewhere safer and healthier to live, check out these top Seattle suburbs for families for 2020 and beyond.

Clyde Hill

Clyde Hill can be found resting between Medina and Northwest Bellevue and. It is a small neighborhood, with luxury properties for the more discerning home buyer, who isn’t afraid of the area’s higher prices.

Average home values in Clyde Hill were over $2.8M in mid-2020. You can spend a lot more here if you wish too.  Homes here typically range from between 4 to 8 bedrooms with living space ranging from 2,000 to over 7,000 square feet.

Take your pick of classic or modern architectural designs, with plenty of room for pools and epic views over the water, mountains and downtown Seattle skyline.

Mercer Island

If you are inspired by living by the water then Mercer Island is probably calling to you already. Here home is right in the middle of Lake Washington.

With an average home price of just over $1.6M, Mercer Island is notably cheaper than Clyde Hill. Yet, with enviably views and a dock for your own boat, your friends will still be pretty jealous of your address.

Be sure to check out the modern multi storey estates, complete with outdoor fireplaces and thousands of sprawling square feet of living area.

Maple Valley

For home buyers on a budget, Maple Valley offers houses at an average of around $520k. Don’t let the price tags fool you. You can still get a lot of home for your money.

It’s definitely a great choice for families.Especially if you enjoy nature trails and the outdoors. Yet, you can still be in downtown Tacoma or Seattle in an hour, if you really want to.


Those in search of a quiet, safe life in the suburbs for their families will love discovering Duvall.

This King County suburb of Seattle is known for having some of the lowest crime rates, and a warm small town vibe.

There are plenty of property types to choose from, including brand new townhouses, large family estates, and rustic farmhouses. There are also still empty land parcels if you want to design your own home from the ground up.


Redmond, WA is another great choice. Especially for those interested in working at Nintendo, Microsoft, SpaceX or on the Hyperloop.

Prices here more back toward the slightly above average mark, at a median of just under $900k. Still, with its rich history, easy commuting for those who must work in the city, and Washington State’s only velodrome, it’s a fun suburb to be in. There are also no personal or business income taxes here.

Browse cozy condos for sale, single family homes and historic buildings.


With average home prices just over $700k, and being just 25 miles outside of Seattle, Snoqualmie offers a great balance between cost and commute.

It’s famous for its Twin Peaks, shopping and PGA golf. Check out new row houses or building lots with breathtaking mountain views.


Sammamish is one of the newest suburbs to be incorporated into Seattle. That means the majority of houses and townhouses available in Sammamish are new construction. At just under $1M the average home here offers many beautiful natural surroundings, and still within reach of the city.

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