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Jumbo Loan Limits 2020

Do you need a jumbo sized mortgage loan to buy a home or refinance your house in Seattle. WA?The Emerald City is infamous for its high property prices. There are financing solutions available, even at

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What is the Jumbo Loan Limit in Seattle?

Looking to refinance or purchase a home in Washington State this year? What is the jumbo loan limit in Seattle? How might it affect your loan?Seattle isn’t known for cheap housing. That means many home

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10 Secrets To Buying A House In Seattle

Want the best deal on buying a house in Seattle? It may be easier to find a home that works for you than you think. Check out these secrets to discover a great property that fits your needs and budget…1.

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Top 5 Seattle Suburbs To Buy In 2021

The Seattle, Washington area continues to be an enticing place to move to for work, lifestyle and setting up a business. The Emerald City itself continues to grow more expensive for buying a home, and

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The Ultimate Mortgage Loan Documents Checklist

Want to buy a house in Seattle?Where do you start?What’s the process?The Benefits Of Home BuyingThere are many benefits of homeownership, from improved finances and a better family life.You might even

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How Much Down Payment Do I Need for a Seattle House?

How much of a down payment do you need to buy a Seattle house?There are a variety of factors that will determine exactly how much of a down payment you need to buy a house in the Seattle area, including

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What Is A Non-Warrantable Condo? Here’s What You Need to Know.

Are you thinking about buying a condo in Seattle?There are many property types available for home buyers in Seattle. Before you sign that offer it pays to know some of the most important quirks that some

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What Does RSU Stand for and How to Get a Mortgage With Them

What is an ‘RSU’? If you have them, how do they affect your finances and ability to get a mortgage in Seattle?Maybe you are being offered RSUs at a new job and want to know how they will impact your

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Real Estate Trends in Seattle Happening Right Now

What’s happening in the Seattle real estate market right now?2020 is going to unquestionably go down as one of the most eventful in modern history. Maybe even the history of our state and country. How

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Which are the Best Seattle Neighborhoods for Families?

Ready to move your family to one of Seattle, Washington’s great neighborhoods?Seattle has a lot to offer for just about everyone. No matter what you are into, the lifestyle you crave or your ideal type

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