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How Much Home Can I Afford

How much home can you afford in Seattle?Washington State’s Snohomish and King County are very attractive destinations for home buyers. Not just for local residents and workers who finally

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How to Get the Best Rate for Your Home Loan

How can you get the best rate for your next home loan in Seattle, WA?We all want the best possible mortgage interest rates when getting a new home purchase or refinance loan. Whether it is just

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How to Choose the Best Lenders for Your Home Loans

Who are the best lenders for your next home loan?There may be a lot of ads for mortgage loans out there. How do you know who to trust and which is the best for your next purchase or refinance

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How Hot is the Seattle Real Estate Market?

How strong is the Seattle, WA real estate market now?The Emerald City is infamous for its high housing costs and sizzling demand for properties. Is that reputation holding up in 2020? Has the

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What Are The Housing Prices in Seattle?

What are housing prices in Seattle doing right now?What else should we all be expecting from housing prices in Seattle in 2020? How have they already changed? Do trends suggest this

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How to Hack the Seattle Housing Market

Ready for some Seattle housing market hacks that will get you in the market and a new home?It’s been a very interesting year in the Seattle real estate market. It is no probably the most attractive

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The Top 5 to Buy in Seattle Suburbs for 2020

Which are the best Seattle suburbs to buy a home in 2020?Seattle offers many great places to live, work and play. It’s one of the world’s favorite cities. It has a strong economy, big and

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Seattle Summer Housing Market Guide 2020

What’s happening in the Seattle housing market this summer?How is the summer different in Seattle? Is this year going to be any different to others? Is this a good time to buy a home in Seattle,

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4 Secrets to Buying a Non-Warrantable Condo in Seattle

Is buying a condo in Seattle for you?Buying a condo in Seattle can be attractive to home buyers due to sometimes being less expensive than single family homes. However, that doesn’t mean it is easier,

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Seattle Mortgage Down Payment: How Much to Buy a Home?

How much do you need for a mortgage down payment in Seattle?Do you really need as much as you think to qualify for a mortgage and to make a down payment? Seattle isn’t the cheapest place in the world

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