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ARM vs Fixed - Which is the best mortgage rate for you

ARM v. Fixed Mortgage: Which is Right For You?

Buying a house is no small undertaking. It takes time and consideration--not just what house you want to buy but where you want to buy, what you can afford, and what kind of mortgage you should get.

And while we're no longer in the 2008 crisis, the US mortgage market is still confusing for new home buyers.

Here, we're helping you figure out ARM v. fixed mortgage and which one is right for you when you choose your home in the Seattle suburbs.

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Seattle Mortgage Documents Checklist

The Ultimate Mortgage Loan Documents Checklist

With over 3.1 million housing units (as of July 2017) and a 62.4% homeownership rating, it's easy to see that Washingtonians still consider owning a home as part of their dream.

There's also the fact that it's a great place for professionals and career-minded individuals. Even Forbes ranks it as the number one state to make a living!

The jobs, 2,500 miles of seawater, eco-friendliness, and lack of personal income state tax (yes, you read that right) are only a few of the reasons people choose to live here.

That's why you'll find many going through their mortgage loan documents checklist, again and again, to make sure they have everything to boost their chances of getting mortgage approval.

Now that you're about to join the home buying bandwagon, you should follow suit.

We'll make it easier for you though. Here's the ultimate checklist of mortgage documents you need to hasten your application!

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Seattle Washington Home Buyers Guide 2018

2018 Seattle Washington Home Buyers Guide

Becoming a homeowner is a major step in life. It’s also a major decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. If you’re looking to buy a home in Seattle Washington, here’s how to get best financial value for your investment. 

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