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The Best Neighborhoods in Seattle to Buy a House 2020

This is your year to buy a home. Which are the best Seattle neighborhoods for you to start looking in?There are plenty of places to look for your next place to live in Seattle. In addition to our growing

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Seattle Home Prices Forecast 2020

Where are Seattle home prices headed now?What should you expect from Seattle housing prices in 2020? How have they already changed? What factors are impacting the market? Do trends suggest this is a good

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How To Save Money When Buying A House In Seattle

Buying a house in Seattle isn’t cheap. How can you save money and still get a great home?Seattle is home to one of the highest percentage of high income earning professionals. Yet, it can still feel

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How to Choose the Right Neighborhood When Buying a Seattle Home in 2020

Ready to buy a home in 2020?How do you pick the best option from all the Seattle, Washington neighborhoods available?It’s a great year to buy a house in the Seattle area. Interest rates are good, home

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2020 Seattle Washington Home Buyers Guide

Are you ready to buy a home in 2020?This is a fantastic year to buy a home in Seattle. Interest rates are still low. Home prices have softened up a bit for buyers. A lot of the competition is distracted

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What Are The Costs Involved With Buying a Seattle Home?

What are the real costs of buying a Seattle home?It pays to be prepared. That means knowing how much buying a home in Seattle is really going to cost you once you get to the closing table.Unfortunately,

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5 Seattle Home Buying Secrets Your Realtor Doesn’t Want You To Know

What secrets is your real estate agent hiding from you? The Seattle home buying process can be a roller coaster of emotions at the best of times. It doesn’t help when you aren’t being told the whole

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Using Restricted Stock Units to Help You Buy a Seattle Home

Get this: over 40% of Fortune 100 companies have been using restricted stock units (RSU) since 2005. What does this mean?If you're working at a technology company in Seattle, chances are that

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Secure Your Mortgage: 10 Tips to Help You Pre-Qualify for a Home Loan

There's no getting around it — buying a home is a stressful process. After all, you're making what is likely to be the largest purchase of your life and a lot needs to go right to make it

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First Time Buyer? Here Are The Worst First Time Home Buyer Mistakes

Roughly one-third of homebuyers are actually first time buyers. As a first time homebuyer, you have tons of things to learn and you don't want to make the same mistakes as other first-time buyers. When

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