Welcome to South Lake Union! This neighborhood is home to many of the sites and businesses that are quintessentially Seattle. You may not realize it, but when you think of Seattle many of the things that come to your mind are likely found in South Lake Union or the area around, be that Amazon's headquarters and their spheres, the Space Needle, or perhaps for you Seattle means a budding romance between Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan set against an idyllic houseboat on Lake Union. Whichever it is, South Lake Union is central to Seattle, both in location and into what Seattle is all about.

South Lake Union Neighborhood

South Lake Union is as downtown as they come. It shares its borders with Belltown to the south, Capitol Hill to the east, and Queen Anne and Uptown to the west. This neighborhood borders landmarks such as the Space Needle, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and the Museum of Pop Culture, fondly known as MoPOP.

Things To Do In South Lake Union

Of course, considering that this neighborhood is named after the famous lake that it sits below, much of the sightseeing and attractions revolve around the nautical activities to be had on Lake Union. At Lake Union Park you'll find the Museum of History and Industry (MOHAI) and the Northwest Seaport, which is home to a collection of historical ships. Perhaps the most significant of these impressive boats is the tug boat Arthur Foss. Built in 1889, Author is the oldest floating vessel in the Pacific Northwest and was the last vessel to escape Wake Island before the Japanese attack in 1941.

Across from the seaport, you'll find the Center for Wooden Boats. This self-described living museum is all about giving people access to exploring the maritime history of the region through exhibits and boat rentals, which you can rent by the hour or even purchase an annual pass if you want to try a unique method of transport for you're commuting around the city. Another must do experience on Lake Union is to rent some type of watercraft and get up close to the many characterful houseboats that are sprawled along its shore.

If you like the idea of exploring a lake but don't fancy your sea legs, then consider flying instead. One of the common and classic sites of Lake Union is a seaplane landing on its peaceful waters. You could actually be on the other side of that glass and go take a scenic flight to get up close to the Space Needle, The Ballard Locks, Bill Gates estate and more, or kick date night up a notch and take a romantic dinner flight to a nearby island.

South Lake Union - Home Of Seattle Tech Jobs

Of course, we haven't even yet mentioned what South Lake Union is most famous for. It is a booming hub for the tech and biotech industries. Home to Amazon's headquarters, the internet giant now has more than 25 buildings and thousands of employees in South Lake Union alone. Plus, Google and Facebook have offices here too. But don't think that this is one dimensional in the job offerings in this neighborhood. The biotech industry has also made South Lake Union its epicenter too. So it goes without saying there are plenty of high-paid jobs here.

Moving To South Lake Union in Seattle

Do people actually live in the neighborhood itself? Yes, they do. South Lake Union predominantly offers upscale and modern condos. Find a unit near the top floor of one of these complexes for unrivaled views of the city. And every evening you can enjoy skyline sunsets. And if you are moving to Seattle needing just a single occupancy dwelling, there are many comfortable studios in just a $300,000 to $400,000 range, well under half the city average home price.

With the mass exodus from metropolitan areas across the country, now is a great time to pick up a bargain if you still need to work inside city limits, and South Lake Union represents one of the best options for doing that within Seattle right now. Contact Seattle's Mortgage Broker today for expert-level home financing within Seattle and the surrounding neighborhoods. Click here to watch a video to find out what exactly a mortgage broker is and why it is often a better idea to use one over a big bank when financing your dream home.

Nightlife and Restaurants In South Lake Union

As you can imagine, South Lake Union is pretty well jam-packed with swanky bars, hip eateries, and many amenities to service the vast workforce that these businesses afford. There are also many excellent eateries and coffee shops in South Lake Union, so grab your Seattle coffee and enjoy a walk at one of the neighborhoods green spaces. Denny Park is the oldest park in the city, and it has a play area for the kids to expend some energy and also an off-leash area for any of your four-legged friends. After your day's excursions around South Lake Union, pick one of the excellent bars or restaurants. You'll soon find your new favorite local.

That wraps up our tour around South Lake Union. Be sure to check out our library of neighborhood tour videos of other Seattle neighborhoods, and if you are looking to find your next home in Seattle, schedule a virtual meeting with Seattle's Mortgage Broker.

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