Looking for the best place for your family to live in 2021?

There has been a great surge in interest in buying homes in Seattle’s suburbs over the past year. With mortgage interest rates so low, and home prices expected to keep rising, it’s a great time to buy a home in the Seattle, WA area. 

So, where will you buy this year? How will you finance your home purchase?

The Surge For The Burbs

Since the beginning for 2020 there has been a significant real estate rush in moving to the suburbs. That has been especially evident in cities like Seattle.

Between the pandemic and other chaos, as well as millions waking up to the fact that they can work from home anywhere, or have to, the suburbs have become much more attractive than dense urban downtown areas. 

Whether it is for a more peaceful pace of life, bigger homes, outdoor space and room to grow your own food, or just healthier air to breathe, the suburbs have a lot of appeal. 

Seattle’s high home prices have also contributed to this trend too. Not only do Seattle neighborhoods closer to downtown offer higher prices, but you often get less space for the money. It can still be a great choice if you love the urban vibe and walkability. Though you might be surprised at what you can get if you look a little further out. 

The Best Seattle Suburbs For Families

If you are looking for something a little quieter, with decent schools, more to do outdoors, and perhaps more rooms to accommodate working from home or home school when you have to, then you’ll want to check out these Seattle suburbs. 


Well known for being home to notable tech companies and the Bicycle Capital of the Northwest, Redmond has a lot to offer. 

It’s regarded as a great place to start a business, has a rich arts scene, A+ rated schools, and is still close enough to Seattle proper for when you want to get into the center.

It may not be the cheapest place to buy a home, but the perks can make it well worth it, in an area which should hold its value well over the long term. 

Home buyers with families may especially want to check out North Redmond for school, parks and safety. 


Duvall, WA is known for its classic small town vibe.

Duvall is known for being a very safe place to live, as well as local festivals and events. Enjoy the charm of living in a smaller town, with local shopping options, room to grow your own veggies, and great scenery.

Whether you are moving your retired parents in, or have young kids, this is a great family area for home buyers in 2021.


This is one of the best suburbs for those who want to experience the real Washington. 

This is a great choice for home buyers who want to be further out from downtown. Those who want to experience all the best of the Pacific Northwest’s outdoors and spectacular views, as well as some modern conveniences when you want them. 

Snoqualmie is perhaps best known for its waterfalls. Though it also offers golfing, shopping, and desirable schools. 


Centered around Lake Sammamish, this is one of the most idyllic Seattle suburbs to check out. 

You may expect to pay a little more to live here, but it is worth it. You’ll find a great meeting of beautiful nature and newer homes.

This is considered one of the safest places to live in America, and one of the friendliest. Great schools, parks and trails all make Sammamish a great choice for Seattle home buyers with families.

Families may especially like checking out Sammamish Plateau and Sammamish Valley.

Maple Valley

Maple Valley will put you right between Seattle and Tacoma, Washington. 

This is one of the more affordable Seattle suburbs one this list. Yet, you will be enjoying a wealth of natural surroundings and new growth.

Maple Valley is located on Lake Wilderness for plenty of beautiful days outdoors. The schools have good ratings. More people have been moving in, with builders offering more new homes for those that want a great balance of modern living and nature. 

Tacoma, WA

Don’t overlook Tacoma, WA either. 

With Seattle home prices rising so fast, and many others looking to leave the city for the suburbs, more home buyers are considering Tacoma as an alternative to Seattle.

If you don’t need to be in Seattle to work, then Tacoma could offer you a lot more house for the money too. Home prices are even cheaper here, and it's becoming a trendy choice for those moving into the area, getting out of Seattle, or who are tired of renting and are finally ready to become homeowners. 


Financing Your Seattle Home Purchase In 2021

With mortgage interest rates low and lenders reportedly more eager to lend again, this is a great year for financing your home purchase.

There are many low down payment home loan options, including FHA, VA and USDA loans. With newly expanded conforming loan limits to $776,250 for those looking for a bigger loan, without having to go jumbo. 

Get in touch with your Seattle mortgage broker today to get pre-approved for a great loan, and then get out there to house shop with confidence.

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