Which are the best Seattle suburbs to buy a home in 2020?

Seattle offers many great places to live, work and play. It’s one of the world’s favorite cities. It has a strong economy, big and emerging technology companies and endless natural wonders to experience.

There are many communities to choose from. Downtown Seattle has its attractions, but it is no secret that it isn’t cheap and you won’t get as much home for your money in the city limits.

The median price of homes sold as of November 2019 was just $687,500 according to Zillow. That’s down substantially from $820,000 in April 2019. Yet, Zillow forecasts those property values will fall another 2% in 2020. Looking to the Seattle suburbs may offer a lot more value and stability.

Here are our Top 5 Seattle suburbs to purchase a home for 2020

1. Sammamish, WA

If you must have the best of all worlds, then Sammamish is for you. You’ll still be close to all the urban comforts you want. Yet, you’ll be surrounded by natural beauty.

No matter what your style is, there are plenty of house types to choose from in Sammamish. Many are more recently built, offer generous lots and spaciousness, and you’ll rarely be far from local parks and trails to experience the outdoors.

Average home prices in Sammamish can easily breach $1M. Low local crime rates make it attractive, especially for young families. Golf lovers will also find it a hit. It has been ranked the Friendliest Town in the United States by Forbes and the fifth safest city in America according to Alarms.org.

Population: 65,733

Average household income: $152,364

2. Snoqualmie, WA

Snoqualmie, Washington presents a slightly longer commute than Sammamish. At 25 miles from downtown Seattle, expect to be there in about 40 to 75 minutes, depending on the traffic.

However, anything you lose in driving time you’ll find in value. The median sale price of homes recently sold in Snoqualmie is just $687,200.

Here you’ll find golf, historic shopping centers, the falls, and some of the richest natural beauty in Washington. The Twin Peaks TV show was shot here. It has become an incredibly popular choice for home buyers, with the population soaring by over 500% between 2000 and 2010.

Population: 13,752

Average household income: $135,386

3. Redmond, WA

The Bicycle Capital of the Northwest, and home to Microsoft’s headquarters, Redmond, Washington offers a lot for home buyers.

The commute to downtown is substantially shorter than the Seattle suburbs we’ve covered so far. You’ll still enjoy the cool factor of Seattle living, but also a rich performing arts scene, festivals and parks.

You’ll be spoilt for choices when it comes to housing options, with everything from sleek modern condos to rustic farmhouses.

Expect to pay a little more for all this, with an average recent home sales price of $803,600.

Population: 67,678

Average household income: $99,586

4. Duvall, WA

Established in 1913, Duvall is known as one of the northwest’s best small towns. This King County suburb is just 25 miles from downtown Seattle. Yet, you’ll find all the charms of small town living.

Duvall has enjoyed some of the best household income growth over the past year, and is well known for its music festivals, vegetable growing and classic car shows. With an average home price of just $605,800, this suburb of Seattle offers some of the best value you could hope to find.

Population: 8,061

Average household income: $151,612

5. Maple Valley, WA

Even though the rent may not be much cheaper in Maple Valley, it is far less expensive to own and buy a home here than all of the other Seattle suburbs on this list.

Recent average sales prices are $468,400. While considered a bedroom community for commuters to Seattle, at 30 miles to the southeast, it also means one of the longer drives into the city. However, if you don’t have to work in downtown Seattle then this could easily be your top choice for buying a home in 2020.

Maple Valley is right on Lake Wilderness, with the ability to walk to many local nature sites.

This is one of the newer cities in Seattle’s surrounding area, and one which has seen a lot of population growth.

Population: 27,114

Average household income: $67,159

If you want to see how these communities have changed since last year, check out our data for the best places to buy a home in 2019.

For 2020 those looking to get the most out of their budget will find many choices in these Seattle suburbs. You don’t have to live in the craziness of downtown to enjoy life and make a great living out here. Whether it is commuting distance, low crime rates and safety, breathtaking views and immersing yourself in nature or the arts and golf, Sammamish, Snoqualmie, Redmond, Duvall, and Maple Valley, have plenty to love.

House prices have gone through a small correction recently, offering home buyers the chance to grab properties at their lowest in years. Together with low interest rates, it is going to be hard to beat the deals to be found right now.

Get in touch with Seattle’s best mortgage broker today, get pre-approved for you home loan, find out how much you qualify for and go claim your new place.

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