Want to buy a house in Seattle?
Where do you start?
What’s the process?

The Benefits Of Home Buying

There are many benefits of
homeownership, from improved finances and a better family life.

You might even be able to own for what you’ve been wasting on rent all this time.

Here are the steps to get started.

1. Get Pre-Qualified For A Mortgage Loan

Before you do anything else,
get pre-qualified for your mortgage loan.
This will ensure you enjoy an efficient home search, and that you can actually get in and see the properties you like when they become available.

2. Set A Budget

You might be pleasantly surprised at just how much home you can qualify for. Especially with low interest rate deals, and special low down payment first time home buyer programs. This doesn’t mean you need to max out the amount you qualify for. Make sure you choose a budget that is comfortable, and leaves you plenty of financial flexibility over the time you plan to own this home.

3. Start Your Home Search

Get a referral to a great
Seattle Realtor who can help you understand the different types of properties and neighborhoods in Seattle.
Give them your shortlist of your top 1-3 must haves in your new home. As well as anything that will really be a deal breaker for you.

4. Make Your House Offer

When you find a property that works, move fast.

Be the first to submit an offer and avoid getting into competitive bidding wars. Send them your mortgage pre-qualification letter, place your earnest money deposit in escrow, and get the contract signed.

5. Complete Your Mortgage Application

Once you have a signed offer, make your
official mortgage application with all of the details of your new home. Submit all of the documentation your lender needs to finalize your loan and get it funded and closed.

6. Manage The Transaction

This is when all of the real work of buying a house starts.
Though a great mortgage broker will really help you pull it all together.


Title searches
● Getting insurance
● Association approvals
● Scheduling the closing

7. Plan Your Move

Get started planning your move as soon as possible.

● Reserve moving trucks
● Transfer your utilities
● Forward your mail
● Plan a housewarming party

Ready to buy your own home? Get in touch with
Seattle’s mortgage broker today and see how much home you qualify for.

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