Which are the best refinancing mortgage companies in Seattle, WA?

How do you pick the best mortgage company to refinance your home in Seattle? Where do you find them? What should be on your checklist for ensuring you are making a smart choice of lender?

The best company for refinancing your Seattle home loan is really about finding the best fit for you. There may be more than one viable lender. It’s really a question of which is the right match for you and your situation.

Seattle Mortgage Company Reviews & Referrals

One of the first and most obvious steps in selecting the best refinancing mortgage companies is to ask for recommendations and to check out online reviews.

Who has a good reputation in the industry and among other real estate professionals? What are other borrowers saying about their experiences with these companies?

Be sure you take into consideration big organizations which may bribe their way to cleaning up their digital dirt, or who have pushed it back a few pages in Google search. As well as looking at the percentage of complaints versus how much business they do. Perhaps most important of all, how do they respond to reviews?

Refinancing Loan Programs

Not all mortgage companies offer access to a full menu of loan programs for homeowners.

You shouldn’t feel squeezed into a box, because that is all one company has to offer. Especially when there are so many options.

  • Conventional home loans
  • FHA loans
  • VA mortgages
  • USDA mortgage loans
  • Jumbo mortgages

What about loans for:

  • Bad credit scores
  • Hard to prove income
  • The self-employed
  • Multiple properties

Key workers, like law enforcement, firefighters, teachers and medical professionals

You need a lender eager to help whether this property is a:

  • Primary residence
  • Second home
  • Investment property

When it specifically comes to refinancing programs can also include:

  • Rate and term refinances
  • Debt consolidation
  • Cash out refinances

The Refinancing Experience

As with any shopping transaction, the experience is a big part of it.

Do others report it going smoothly or having endless problems? The truth is that there can be a variety of glitches in getting a mortgage. Everything from a tree falling through your house in the process to something like COVID-19 or lost paperwork.

The difference is in both a skilled loan officer who knows how to prepare their borrower clients upfront, versus those with a string of broken promises and delays along the way, as well as a loan officer who is brave enough to keep answering the phone and being transparent when issues do arise. Maybe even being treated politely and like a valued customer is important to you.

The Ability To Close & On Time

Promises of low rates and fancy marketing materials are great. Though what really matters is being able to close the loan, and on time.

Nothing else matters if the loan doesn’t actually get closed and funded. You might be surprised at the small application to closing rates at some banks.

Some want to take in all the leads they can, lock you in, and just hope for the best. Others want to make sure they can really help you and it is a good fit upfront.

Listens To Your Needs & Priorities

Working with someone who cares and cares about your interests makes all the difference. You’ve probably felt this many times with phone companies, car and credit card companies and even food shopping.

This is incredibly important when it comes to something like refinancing your own home or an investment property.

Unless they are intently listening and asking questions, it isn’t even possible for a mortgage company or loan officer to know your needs and priorities. Much less provide the right solution and deliver on them.

The Best Interest Rates

We all want the best rates, right?

Well, when it comes to the truly best mortgage refinancing deal, it is really about the flexibility to choose the combination of interest rates, points, APR and payments that are best for you.

Look for a mortgage broker who presents and offers you the choices and helps you compare what they will mean for you now and in the future.

Personalized Help & Loan Terms

With very few exceptions, you should have a range of loan features and terms to choose from.

The best Seattle mortgage brokers can help personalize and tailor loans to your needs and priorities, and based on your unique situation.

This may be a limited cash out refinance for a better rate. A streamlined refinance for the least hassle and paperwork. A fixed or adjustable rate mortgage loan. Or choosing a custom number of years and payments.


Which company offers the type of service that works best for you?

Do you have to go to their branch office? Is your only choice to do everything online with robots? Is the only help a far away, hard to reach call center with phone agents that can’t really help?

Or can you pick and flip between online convenience and efficiency and human help when you want it?

Will your loan officer connect with you through your preferred channel? Even if that is Whatsapp, Skype, Zoom, Facetime or text message?


Which are the best refinancing mortgage companies in Seattle, WA? It’s all about finding a capable and trustworthy mortgage  source which is the best fit for you. Check out this checklist to find the right match for your next home loan.

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