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Nicest Neighborhoods in Seattle 2020

The area population is rapidly approaching 755,000, and the city of Seattle is subdivided into a quite a few unique neighborhoods. These neighborhoods run the litmus from active to quint, to

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Avoiding the Worst Seattle Mortgage Lenders – Don’t Get Burned

Insert Video Everyone needs a mortgage today. There are a lot of people and companies vying for a piece of the mortgage business. How can you cut through the junk to avoid the worst Seattle

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The 7 Best Seattle Suburbs For Families

Where are the best Seattle suburbs for families this year?Whether you are just moving into the area, have your first baby on the way and need a bigger place, or you are just finding the mayhem

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The Best Neighborhoods in Seattle to Buy a House 2020

This is your year to buy a home. Which are the best Seattle neighborhoods for you to start looking in?There are plenty of places to look for your next place to live in Seattle. In addition to

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Seattle Housing Market Update 2020

What’s happening with the Seattle housing market in 2020?Is this a good year to buy or refinance a home in Seattle? How has the market changed? What should you expect? What’s coming next?Seattle Housing

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What is the Seattle Jumbo Loan Limit in 2020?

Ready to buy a home in Seattle in 2020? You might need a jumbo loan.Buying a home in Seattle isn’t cheap. Lenders have a variety of loan limits. One of the most important you need to know

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6 Seattle Real Estate Market Trends for 2020

What’s in store for the Seattle real estate market in 2020?What real estate trends are developing now? What are we likely to see emerging over the next year? How does all of this compare to

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2020 Seattle Housing Market Predictions

What’s in store for the Seattle housing market in 2020?Is this going to be a good year to buy Seattle real estate? Or should homeowners be making other financial moves?The housing market has continued

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Using Restricted Stock Units to Help You Buy a Seattle Home

Get this: over 40% of Fortune 100 companies have been using restricted stock units (RSU) since 2005. What does this mean?If you're working at a technology company in Seattle, chances are that

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Know What You’re Buying: Home Inspection Questions You Need to Ask

Knowing the right home inspection questions to ask can feel overwhelming. You're making a decision that will stick with you for the next 15 or 30 years. What if you forget to ask something important?A

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