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2020 Seattle Housing Market Predictions

What’s in store for the Seattle housing market in 2020?Is this going to be a good year to buy Seattle real estate? Or should homeowners be making other financial moves?The housing market has continued

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Using Restricted Stock Units to Help You Buy a Seattle Home

Get this: over 40% of Fortune 100 companies have been using restricted stock units (RSU) since 2005. What does this mean?If you're working at a technology company in Seattle, chances are that

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Know What You’re Buying: Home Inspection Questions You Need to Ask

Knowing the right home inspection questions to ask can feel overwhelming. You're making a decision that will stick with you for the next 15 or 30 years. What if you forget to ask something important?A

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7 Essential Questions to Ask a Seattle Mortgage Broker

Home sales slowed down in the second quarter of 2018, but not for first-time home buyers. This population is now responsible for the majority of mortgages as of 2018. 2018 also saw the most

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Home-Buying Budgeting: Your Complete Guide to Seattle Property Tax

Seattle has become a popular place to live, as it is a city with a whole lot to offer! A booming technology hub, reasonable weather (no, it doesn't rain every day), and a beautiful range of

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How to Choose the Right Neighborhood When Buying a House in Seattle

Are you planning to move to Seattle in the near future? The Emerald City has it all. Water, mountains, forests, beaches, and easy access to international adventures in Canada. The decision to

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10 Ways to Save For Your Mortgage Down Payment in Seattle

In 2018 alone, more than 6.27 million homes sold in the United States. And many of those homes went to first-time home buyers looking to get out of the rental market.Though every home buyer

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Preparing for the Big Spend: What You Need to Buy a House in Seattle

The frenetic Seattle real estate market has seen prices skyrocket in the last decade. A house in the Puget Sound area costs, on average, more than $815,000.In the past few years, the Seattle

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5 Tips for Finding the Best Seattle Mortgage Lenders

The majority of Americans who purchase a home need to take out a mortgage in order to do it. More than 60 percent of homeowners today are carrying a mortgage, with the average American owing

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Top 5 Seattle Suburbs to Buy In 2019

Last updated July 27, 2019Seattle and its surrounding areas offer great locations to work, live, and play in Washington. Even so, it’s getting increasingly pricier to buy a home in the Seattle

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