Get a Seattle Jumbo Loan With a 10.1% Down Payment

Access competitive rates, simplified guidelines, and fast closings on 30-year fixed jumbo loans, up to $2M.

Available on purchase, cash-out, and rate/term refinance.

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Get a Seattle Jumbo Loan With a 10.1% Down Payment

Access competitive rates, simplified guidelines, and fast closings on 30-year fixed loans up to $2M. 

Available on purchase, cash-out and rate/term refinance.

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Bo L.
Marietta, GA

One word to describe Joe is WOW! We got our key in 2 weeks. 

Joe is on his game and a Broker extraordinaire. He's extremely responsive, professional, true to his word and doesn't miss a thing. 

We put in an offer on late Sat night. Joe called seller's agent to assure them our financial status, explained how he can close faster than cash offer. We won the house without entering a bidding war because of Joe. Joe closed us in 5 DAYS, literally. We spent our time waiting for the county and Escrow to catch up.  

If you are in the middle of shopping for a mortgage, give Joe a call. That is all you need. If you want to compete with all cash offers, give Joe a call. That is all you need.

Google My Business

Chris R.
Seattle, Washington

Joe was EXTREMELY helpful in guiding us through the mortgage process. He was great at explaining everything to us clearly and presenting all of our options. We never waited more than 10 minutes for an answer to our questions, even on the weekends!

He made the whole process very relaxing, and made us confident that we understood what we were signing up for. On top of that he was able to close in 2 weeks!

Highly recommended!


Avishek N.
Olga, Washington

I found Joe on Yelp after my first lender could not close on time. I had a special immigration related scenario that required consultation with underwriting. He gave me an answer within 4 hours regarding whether he can go ahead with my application.

If it was not for Joe, I was thinking about going with a lender which was offering me 5 1/2 ARM at 4.75% because of my immigration status.

Joe was able to offer me a conventional 30 year fixed. We were working on a very tight deadline but for Joe, it was no big deal. He is on top of things and keeps you posted on a regular basis.

How to Get a Jumbo Loan With SMB

Step 1: Get a Quote

Complete our easy 2-minute quote form and we will get you details of your mortgage rate and loan payment options.

Step 2: 30-Minute Pre-Qualification

Once you've confirmed your mortgage quote, we'll enter the discovery phase with you. We want to know about you, your goals, and your ideal jumbo loan scenario.

Step 3: Get Ready to Close

After selecting the right plan for you, we finish processing your loan as quickly as 7 days and prepare you for closing. Your new home awaits!

How Does Seattle's Mortgage Broker Help Washington Home Buyers Win?

By giving them access to multiple mortgage lender products and rates. This gives you, the home buyer, the greatest chance at getting multiple competing offers on your jumbo loan.

Unfortunately banks only have their own products. This means less comparable data.

With over 15 years serving the unique needs of Washington and specializing in the Seattle market, we have found that buyers want creative options that fit their needs.

Take a look below to learn how we can add value to your home purchase journey.

Lock and shop

Secure a low interest rate while shopping for your new home.

60 and 90 day rate locks available.

Fast and easy approvals. Lock in an interest rate without an offer on a property.

Go doc-less

No more pay stubs. No more bank statements. No more tax returns. Just e-sign and go.

Our technology can securely and automatically verify income, assets and tax documents. Join the thousands who have saved time by going doc-less!

Loan tracking

With the click of a button you can track your jumbo loan through the process in real-time. Our Super Track technology lets you know when your loan is submitted, when the appraisal is received, when the closing date is scheduled and more.

Lower payments

Low down payment options, top rated lender programs, and low interest rates means we can help you keep more money in your account.

We've helped hundreds Washington families get a low monthly payment for their situation, and we can do the same for you.

Experience review worthy service

What makes us unique is our response times and focus around your needs. What makes us stand apart from the competition? Ultra fast jumbo loan closing times and exceptional customer service.

With over 15 years in the business and over 121 5 star reviews, not only can we get the job done right but we ensure complete satisfaction with your home loan outcome.

Helping Washington Home Buyers Achieve Financial Success
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