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What They Say about the Book

Jesse Rodriguez

“Joe is the real deal and this book lives up to its name. By the time you are through reading this, you will
see the purchase process for what it is. Simple categories that just needed a little explanation. Ceaselessly
entertaining, Joe is the perfect guide to help you in your pursuit to purchase a home in Seattle”

~Jesse Rodriguez, author of The Credit Blueprint and Business Credit Simplified

Terry Vehrs

“Joe is in a class by himself. Extraordinary Service! Others talk, he truly delivers. Extremely fast service.
It is hard to impress me but he does every time.”

~Terry Vehrs, Windermere Real Estate, Nationally Recognized Agent


What’s Inside the eBook?

Chapter 5: What Does A Mortgage Lender Look At When Qualifying

If you’ve ever wondered what home loan lenders look at when qualifying home buyers, you’ll want to read this.

Chapter 8: Top 10 Mortgage Questions You Should Ask Your Broker

65% of American homeowners have a mortgage. If you’re considering buying property, it’s likely that you’ll also have to get a
home loan — particularly if you’re a first-home buyer.

Chapter 11: 10 Secrets to Buying a House in Seattle

Buying a home is a stressful process no matter where you are. If you’re trying to get into a booming real estate market like the Seattle area, though, the stress level is on another level.

About the Author

Joe Tafolla - Seattle's Mortgage Broker

We believe that when the client is informed, they are the ones with the control. We want YOU to have all the information that you need to make the best decision possible for you and your goals. We are the guides
that are here to help you along your path, to make sure you have the information that allows YOU to be informed and ultimately choose which mortgage and what structure that’s right for you.

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