Are you thinking about moving?

Whether you are planning your first baby, have already outgrown your current place, or just want a little quieter pace of life with more value for the money, this list will help you find the best suburb of Seattle to buy your next home.

Why the Suburbs?

The suburbs are in. The media, builders and big cities tried selling us on dense urban living for a few years. It’s where they make the most money. 

Seattle is cool. There is lots to love about it. It just isn’t for everyone, or for every stage of your life.  At least not for living full time. 

Unless you are happy in a tiny condo or camping on the sidewalk, or just love the traffic and have to live downtown, your family may be far more comfortable in the suburbs.

In the suburbs you’ll often find more house for the money, less cluttered views, cleaner air, lower crime rates, and will sleep better at night.

In fact, more than twice the number of home buyers were choosing to move to the suburbs, even before the pandemic. Now with remote work as the norm, expat this trend to stick, and keep on growing.

Here are our top seven picks for families moving this year…

1. Clyde Hill

It’s not cheap, but it is prestigious. Here you’ll find a luxury neighborhood with multi-million dollar homes. Choose Clyde Hill for the spacious houses and magnificent views.

Average home price: $3.49M

2. Mercer Island

If you thrive on the water this is the place for you. Mercer Island is right in the middle of Lake Washington. Homes here may be more affordable than you think. A top choice if you have a boat.

Average home price: $1.84M

3. Maple Valley

With some of the most affordable homes of any Seattle suburb on this list, Maple rocks if you need a family sized home on a budget. Your family will love the natural beauty. This is one of the fastest growing areas around Seattle. 

Average home price: $722k

4. Duvall

Seattle suburbs don’t come much quieter and safer than this. It’s small town living. Check out rustic farmhouses and vacant lots for building your dream home. 

Average home price: $860k

5. Redmond

Redmond is the top choice for those who love cycling.This is home to SpaceX, Hyperloop, Nintendo and Microsoft. Choose from cosy condos, single family homes or a historic fixer upper.

Average home price: $1.2M

6. Snoqualmie

This is the film location for Twin Peaks. Just 25 miles from downtown Seattle. Offering amazing scenery, Snoqualmie has golf and a reasonable commute.

Average home price: $1.1M

7. Sammamish

Welcome to the best of all worlds. Enjoy a short commute and plenty of brand new homes to choose from.

Average home price: $1.45M


Seattle and its surrounding areas have so much to offer. Make sure you do them due diligence. That gem you've been searching for may be just around the corner. So get pre-approved for your home loan today and start exploring your new neighborhood.

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