A new house is the biggest purchase you will ever make.

And not just because of the price — even though that can reach millions of dollars. A new house is a big purchase because it's where you create memories, raise a family, build a home.

So why would you settle for a house that doesn't meet your expectations? You may live in the house for the rest of your life, so there's no reason not to make sure your new house is absolutely right for you. A new house isn't just a wise financial investment, but it's also an investment in your future.

There's no better place for your future than Seattle. It’s home to prominent landmarks like the Space Needle and the Seattle Underground Tour; but, it's not just tourist destinations that make the city a great place to settle. Seattle is evolving into a beautiful destination for families, travelers, and everyone else.

It's a place where you can have fun while raising a family and building a career. Why wouldn't you want to buy your house here? Keep reading below to learn what to look for in your next house, to make sure you make the right purchase!

1. You Need Room to Settle In

One of the most important things when buying a new house is making sure that it has enough room for you. Everyone's lifestyles are different; some people need more room than others. Before you sign anything and spend any money, make sure you think you will be comfortable in the new house.

Take measurements to see if it has enough for all the furniture you want to bring in. If you're living with a partner, make sure there's enough room for you both to share while also having your own lives. Most of all, make sure that it's roomy enough for you to look forward to going home at the end of the day.

A cramped home is hardly a home at all, so make sure your new house is roomy enough for you!

Seattle Homes Are Getting Bigger

Seattle is a great city if you're looking for roomy houses. The real estate market has favored bigger houses in recent years. More people are buying bigger homes, and so developers are making them bigger too.

The average size of houses in Seattle increased by almost 200 square feet in 2016, to 2,524 square feet.

Yet, bigger houses also mean bigger prices. If you're thinking about buying a new house in Seattle, now is the time to act, before the size of both the houses and their prices get too big!

Plan for the Future

Just because a house may seem roomy enough right now doesn't mean that it has enough rooms for the future. You never know what may happen in the years that you spend in a home. You may have kids, or you may bring people in to stay with you. You may simply end up wanting a game room, or an in-house gym.

You need the room to handle any changes that come your way. When you start shopping for a new house in Seattle, don't just look for something that feels right at that moment. Try to find something that gives you room to grow.

2. A New House Should be a New Home

A home is more than just a building. Your home is where you feel safe and secure, and it's where you go when you just need to escape from the rest of the world. Home is where you go to have fun, rest, and simply live your life.

Location is a crucial part of making a house into a home. If you enjoy going to bars on Friday night, for example, make sure your new house is nearby the places you enjoy being. Yet, if you're seeking solitude, try to find something farther away from the city.

Location Matters for More than Its Value

Before you purchase a new house, you should also look into the area around it. Try to chat with your potential neighbors before making a purchase, to get a sense for what they're like. You're going to see them often anyway, so you should try to make sure they're people you can get along with.

You should also drive around the neighborhood to get a sense for what it's like. Try to visualize waking up and going to sleep there. That way, you'll know if it's something you'll enjoy doing.

3. Amenities, Appliances, and Availability

No house is complete without some basic appliances and amenities. While new houses may not always come with appliances like a fridge or a washing machine, houses that were lived in previously may include them. Ask the owners or the realtor if the house comes with appliances.

You should also ask about nearby amenities. You don't want to have to drive an hour to get to the nearest grocery store. Try to imagine what your daily routine will be like if you live in any certain house. Is the drive to work manageable, and do you know where you can go if you need something?

Answer all those questions before committing to a house. That way, you'll be more confident in your purchase.

You're Competing Against a Whole City for a New House

Confidence is key in the Seattle real estate market because you're competing against a whole city for the house.

The city is one of the fastest growing in the country, which means crowds of people are competing against each other for houses. It's easy to find the right house, and then be outbid or outright lose it to someone else.

Ask about any other offers made on the house, and be sure to act quickly if you decide that you want it!

4. A New House is an Investment. Secure it

It's hard to say that buying a new house isn't an investment, especially in Seattle.

A house in the fastest-growing city in the US is bound to increase in value over time. And just like anything else that's valuable, there will be people that want to take it from you.

You need to secure your investment with a literal security system. While services like ADT can help you set up a security system quickly, there are other ways to secure your home. Gated neighborhoods help prevent crime, and you can install a system yourself.

However, many homes can also come equipped with a security system.

Ask your realtor if a home has a security system built into it so that you'll know beforehand if you'll need to buy one or not. And if there isn't a security system included with it, try negotiating to have one included.

Your home is a place where you should feel secure. It's a basic necessity, not just a way to protect your investment.

5. Structural Issues will Make a New House a Cash Sinkhole

Although moving to Seattle may be an exciting journey, it can also be the start of a worse one.

If you find issues with a house after you purchase it, you may need to spend thousands of dollars to repair it. And issues aren't always obvious when walking through the house.

Make sure to hire someone to examine the home before making a purchase. Make sure the home inspector you hire before making a purchase is accredited, too. Otherwise, you may make a bad purchase and end up having to spend more money than you ever expected for a new house.

Mold Means More Problems

If your home inspector finds mold, then you may want to reconsider the purchase.

Mold is rarely ever the only issue in a house, and the issues that accompany it are usually serious. It can indicate a leak somewhere in the house, or an issue with the plumbing.

Houses with mold growing in it may require an entirely new framework, since the wood may be going bad. And whether it's a leak, a framework issue, or something even worse — the cost will be high.

If you still think that the house is right for you, at least make sure that it's repaired before you move in.

You Depend on Your Foundation

A poor foundation can be hard to tell at first, but the consequences of one will reveal themselves over time.

If you have a bad foundation, cracks may appear throughout your home that can stretch across an entire wall. Your framework may also be damaged over time, as it struggles to keep the home together.

Make sure your home inspector checks the foundation before you make a purchase. Any sign of running water near your foundation, or any unexpected cracks, should be dealt with immediately.

Buying a New House is Just the First Step

After you buy a new house, the journey is far from over. The house is technically yours after you're handed the keys, but that doesn't make it a home. You'll need to move your things in and spend time in the house to create the memories that will make it a home.

It takes time — even more time than it takes to make the purchase!

But it's worth it to live in Seattle. And if you're interested in seeing what real estate is available in the city, just contact us here. We'll work with you to find the house that you can call home.

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