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How to Save Money on Your Seattle Mortgage Refinance

How can you save the most money and get the maximum benefit out of your next Seattle mortgage refinance?You are refinancing your Seattle home mortgage to save more money or overall improve your financial

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Mistakes to Avoid with Cash-Out Refinance

Insert Video According to a report by CNN, the 30-year mortgage rates continued to drop reaching an all-time low of 3.93%. It is, therefore, no surprise that a good number of homeowners

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What Is A Cash-out Refinance? Here’s What You Need to Know

Buying and financing your home can be confusing. There are plenty of options for financing and refinancing a home purchase. Once you're a homeowner and you've built some equity, there are

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9 Steps To Refinancing A House: What You Need to Know

Since the beginning of 2019, mortgage rates have dropped from 4.51% to 3.75%. This is an unexpected, but welcomed, low. America hasn't seen a mortgage rate this low since 2016.Now is the time

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A Complete Mortgage Guide To Refinancing Your Home Loan

The average interest rates for 15 and 10-year fixed refinance continue to trend downward. Right now, it's a great time to discover how refinance options can help you. Refinancing is a smart choice for

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Is Refinancing Bad: 7 Mistakes to Avoid When Refinancing Your Mortgage

You've probably heard refinancing "horror stories." But when it comes to finances, knowledge is power. Know the ins and outs of mortgages, including how to refinance yours, and this information will be

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To Refinance Or Not: 10 Reasons To Refinance Your Home

Do you have a mortgage plan that no longer works for you?Perhaps you’ve improved your credit scores since your first loan, or just feel like you can get a better deal through refinancing.But is it really

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How to Lower Your Monthly Mortgage Payment

Buying a home is one of your biggest investments. The majority of mortgage applications are written for 30-year terms. At the start of the loan, the majority of your payment will go towards

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