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Comparing ARM vs. Fixed Rate Mortgage – Which is Better for You?

In a climate when people are moving more than not and small, mobile houses have become en vogue, 75 percent of Americans still prioritize buying a home.Americans typically still believe in settling down,

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5 Key Features to Look for When Purchasing a New House in Seattle

A new house is the biggest purchase you will ever make.And not just because of the price — even though that can reach millions of dollars. A new house is a big purchase because it's where you create

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Everything you Need to Know About Seattle Jumbo Mortgages

If you are shopping for homes in the King County area—any price over $679,650 may put you in need of a jumbo loan. Just a few miles north, in nearby San Juan County, it's 200k less than t...

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How Much Down Payment Do I Need to Buy a House in Seattle in 2019?

The Millennial generation is the biggest in U.S. history. It's also the generation with the most debt. As a result, many young interested home-buyers can't even afford their down payment.If you're in this

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How to Choose the Right Neighborhood When Buying a House in Seattle

Are you planning to move to Seattle in the near future? The Emerald City has it all. Water, mountains, forests, beaches, and easy access to international adventures in Canada. The decision to move to Seattle

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7 Essential Questions to Ask a Seattle Mortgage Broker

Home sales slowed down in the second quarter of 2018, but not for first-time home buyers. This population is now responsible for the majority of mortgages as of 2018. 2018 also saw the most first-time

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How Much Seattle Home Can I Realistically Buy?

How much home should you really buy?This is a much different question to how much of a home mortgage you can qualify for. So what’s the difference? What factors should you be looking at?How Much Home

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What Does A Seattle Mortgage Lender Look At When Qualifying?

If you’ve ever wondered what home loan lenders look at when qualifying home buyers, you'll want to read this.Seattle mortgage lenders are more lenient today than many think. But it still pays to be ahead

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Preparing for the Big Spend: What You Need to Buy a House in Seattle

The frenetic Seattle real estate market has seen prices skyrocket in the last decade. A house in the Puget Sound area costs, on average, more than $815,000.In the past few years, the Seattle home buying

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Home-Buying Budgeting: Your Complete Guide to Seattle Property Tax

Seattle has become a popular place to live, as it is a city with a whole lot to offer! A booming technology hub, reasonable weather (no, it doesn't rain every day), and a beautiful range of nature and

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