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Top 5 Seattle Suburbs To Buy In 2021

The Seattle, Washington area continues to be an enticing place to move to for work, lifestyle and setting up a business. The Emerald City itself continues to grow more expensive for buying a home, and many local residents and second home buyers are looking to live a little further from Downtown Seattle, with more space and value for their money. So, which Seattle suburbs might be the best choice for your next home?

As of mid 2020, Zillow reports the average home price in Seattle had reached $780,126, and forecasts that to increase by almost another 6% by August 2021.

Even though incomes here are relatively high, many may find that doesn’t get them much for their housing dollar with the Seattle city limits. Those looking for more space, views, access to outdoor activities, and a little more peaceful pace of life, while still being within reach of the city when desired may want to check out what the suburbs have to offer.

Here are the top 5 Seattle suburbs to buy a home in 2021…

1. Sammamish, WA

There is a lot to love about Sammamish. Many consider that it offers the best of all worlds for those looking for the ideal location for their next home.

Here you have the beauty of the outdoors and northwest nature, while being close to the comfort and excitement of urban living.

There are many architectural styles to choose from here. It’s an especially great choice if you are looking for a new or newer home with more space and a good sized yard.

There is plenty to do outdoors from golf to nature trails and exploring local parks. has ranked it one of the top five safest cities in America. Forbes has called it the Friendliest Town in the US.

Average home price: $988,231

Population: 65,892

Average household income: $143,861

2. Snoqualmie, WA

Snoqualmie offers a blend of iconic Pacific Northwest scenery and historic shopping plazas.

A little further out from Seattle proper, Snoqualmie is about 25 miles from downtown. Close enough for those willing to commute 40-75 minutes, but with a more peaceful pace of life to come home to.

Snoqualmie is home to the backdrop of the popular Twin Peaks TV show. It is next to the breathtaking Snoqualmie Falls. It has become one of the most popular places to move to in the 2000s according to the US Census Bureau.

Average home price: $738,194.

Population: 13,622

Average household income: $52,697

3. Redmond, WA

Redmond, Washington is perhaps most famous for the tech businesses which have setup shop here. These include big names like Microsoft, Nintendo, SpaceX and Hyperloop.

One of the main reasons for being so magnetic to business is a lack of business taxes, unlike neighboring towns.

Outdoor enthusiasts will also know Redmond as the ‘Bicycle Capital of the Northwest’ and home to the only velodrome in Washington State.

Redmon offers a shorter commute to downtown Seattle, but with its own performing arts scene that offers plenty of entertainment.

Housing styles up for grabs offer a variety of options from rustic farmhouses to sleek modern condos, and much more.

Average home price: $918,700

Population: 71,929

Average household income: $99,586

4. Duvall, WA

Duvall, Washington is considered one of the Pacific Northwest’s best small towns.

Originally established in 1913, Duvall has managed to keep its boutique small town charm. Yet, is just 25 miles outside of downtown Seattle for those who want to commute or occasionally crave the excitement of the city.

This King County suburb is popular for music festivals, classic car shows and is a top choice for those who want to do their own vegetable growing.

With a slightly lower housing price range, young families, newly wed professional couples and retirees may all be attracted to this Seattle suburb.

Average home price: $672,529

Population: 8,061

Average household income: $164,218

5. Maple Valley, WA

Don’t make assumptions about Maple Valley until you’ve checked it out for yourself.

While it may not be any cheaper to rent in this Seattle suburb, home buyers can find great deals on property to buy and own.

In the past many have used this as a ‘bedroom community’ for finding more house for their money and still commuting the 30 miles into Seattle. However, those who can work remotely from home may increasingly find this the top choice of suburbs for them.

There is plenty of nature to explore on your doorstep here. Including Lake Wilderness. Real estate for sale is mostly made up of new construction homes, with some vacant lots still available for those who want to build their own custom homes as well.

Average home price: $537,360

Population: 27,202

Average household income: $67,159


This list of top Seattle suburbs to buy in 2021 offers a glimpse of your choices for lifestyle, commute, and homes on offer. There are plenty of great options from the more exclusive and closer to downtown, as well as the more rural with that small town vibe and lots of natural beauty to explore right outside of your front door.

You can also check out how the stats on these places to live have changed over the past couple of years from our reports on the Top Seattle Suburbs to Buy A Home in 2019 and 2020.

Where will you buy a home this year?

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