Wahat Is A Jumbo Loan Seattle

Connect with an agent from Seattle’s Mortgage Broker when you need a Jumbo Loan to purchase a Seattle home. Our brokerage can assist you in applying for and getting fast approval for a mortgage of up to $3 million when you choose our agency for your loan. Don’t be discouraged by a bank or lender’s rejection letter- we go the extra mile to get our clients the funding needed for buying a home or refinancing an existing home. We work with all types of borrowers, even self-employed; don’t hesitate to contact us in the event that a previous mortgage application didn’t go through for you.

What Is A Jumbo Loan?

If you need significant funding quickly, a Jumbo Loan is the ideal mortgage; our best Seattle mortgage lenders are eager to provide funding for our clients and we make the process one that is quick and easy. The fact is, any home purchase over $400,000 may require a Jumbo Loan in order to access the funding you need. With a bank, you’ll need to provide significant credentials and qualifications; at Seattle’s Mortgage Broker, we can do a lot better than that.

What A Jumbo Loan Is Not

Don’t let the term ‘jumbo’ confuse you- we’re not talking huge payments in most cases; the fact is, the percentage of the loan on a Jumbo Mortgage is about the same as other loan types, plus, there are numerous perks that come with a Jumbo Loan:

  • Borrowers have more money to work with when buying a home
  • 20% down or less
  • VA Jumbo Loans are available
  • Purchase a home with more land
  • Jumbo renovation loans can help you upgrade an existing house
  • The best home lender in Seattle can assist you with the application

Am I A Candidate For A Jumbo Loan?

The ideal borrower takes care of their credit score, possesses a high income, and owns assets that are easy to liquidate when it’s time to close on the mortgage. If you earn at least $250,000 annually, our best Seattle mortgage brokers can most likely help you secure the funding you need. We’ll ask for the length of your employment, monthly expenses, tax returns, documentation of income & debt, and your mortgage history to take an in-depth look at your finances.

Mortgage Broker Vs. Mortgage Lender For Jumbo Loans

At Seattle’s Mortgage Broker, we believe you’ll find numerous reasons to choose our brokerage over a bank, credit union, or conventional lender. Trust us to get you approved quickly and closed fast when you’re looking at buying a home that requires extensive funding. What is a mortgage loan in Seattle? It’s simply one more tool in our belt that enables our agents to help you achieve your goals.

As top mortgage brokers nearby, we are positioned to uniquely respond to your mortgage needs in a way that no other lender or broker can. Our commitment to you includes being here for you when you have questions, need assistance with the loan application, or simply want our sound advice. Contact us today to learn more about our loan products.

Wahat Is A Jumbo Loan Seattle
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Wahat Is A Jumbo Loan Seattle
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Wahat Is A Jumbo Loan Seattle Wahat Is A Jumbo Loan Seattle Wahat Is A Jumbo Loan Seattle Wahat Is A Jumbo Loan Seattle Wahat Is A Jumbo Loan Seattle Wahat Is A Jumbo Loan Seattle