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How much can you afford for a home? The broker or the best home loan lender in Seattle will tell you how much you can afford, depending on the details of your application. Generally, having enough money in your savings account and investment projects will grant you a better chance of getting a more expensive home. Taking an incredibly huge mortgage is never a good idea because life is unpredictable, and you may need some emergency money to pay for a medical bill, travel, or even cover your new family expenses.

The best Seattle mortgage brokers suggest that you put up as much down payment as possible to reduce your monthly payments and live a more comfortable financial life after closing on the home.

Everything About The Seattle Mortgage Loan Down Payment

What Is A Down Payment?

The down payment is the amount you pay in cash when applying for the mortgage. Some loans do not require it, such as the VA mortgage loans reserved for veterans. FHA loans have a low down payment and are great for people who do not have a considerable amount of money to put down or a perfect credit score.

Typically, all loans need a down payment of between 3-20%, and anything above 30% will give you the best repayment terms. Ask about the exact percentage you need before applying for the loan and whether you could use a down payment assistance program to boost your saving.

Mortgage Loan Programs With Low Down Payments

  1. A conventional loan with a minimum down payment of 3%
  2. Individual lender programs with a down payment of between 1-3%
  3. Jumbo loans with a down payment of 10-20%
  4. FHA loans with a down payment of about 3.5% or less
  5. VA with 0%
  6. USDA loans with a 0% down payment

Benefits Of A Big Down Payment

Significant down payment benefits depend on what you want from the mortgage and your financial power. An applicant without employment and a substantial down payment will not get the same options for homes as a permanently employed person with the same savings. The main general benefits of a big Seattle mortgage loan down payment include:

  • Low-interest rates
  • Significant home equity to get a better home
  • Possibility of winning a bid among competitors with lower down payments
  • You may not need to pay the PMI insurance

Ways You Can Get A Bigger Down Payment

  • Begin by cutting down on your expenses, such as getting rid of an extra vehicle you do not need or making a sacrifice to get rid of one of your annual vacations
  • Pay all your debts to improve your credit score
  • Set up an automatic savings plan
  • Find a way to generate more income from additional assets

The beauty of the current economy and financial system is that you can increase your down payment or get a loan with just the correct percentage. Talk to our top mortgage brokers nearby about your loan application down payment, and click here to begin the application process.

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