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Mortgage Rates Edmonton

Mortgage Rates Edmonton

If you want access to the best mortgage rates in Edmonton, contact an agent from The Mortgage Planners. We work hard to connect our clients with the right lender- and we typically charge no fees for our services, except for complex financial needs. If your loan application was rejected by the bank you thought would always be there for you, you could turn to us for funding.

Why a Bank So Often Says No

It can come as a big surprise to learn that your banker is not the friend they have pretended to be all these years. While it’s true that they offer a few free services, the fact is everything they do is to their own best interest. It can sometimes take the rejection of a loan application to make it clear that the relationship you trusted was one-sided.

Don’t let a bank rejection keep you from getting the money you need to buy or build the home of your dreams. Call an agent from The Mortgage Planners or start the application process right now through our website. We’ll reach deep into our extensive network of lending institutions to find the right lender for your needs.

Better Rates, Better Terms

For many of our clients, they have access to lower interest rates on their mortgage than what their bank would have offered. Many clients express to us that they wish they had saved time and turned to us first rather than wasting so much time with their bank.

With multiple lenders competing for your business, you’ll be offered great rates and terms, designed to fit your budget and save you thousands of dollars over the lifetime of the loan. Why not call us now to get started? We’ll make sure you have access to the best mortgage rates in Edmonton.

A Word About Credit Scores

For most borrowers, their credit score will have a lot to do with whether their bank will take their loan application seriously; even borrowers with no credit at all will have to prove to a traditional lender that they have been making regular automated payments with 5 different companies for at least a year before the lender will even look at their application.

Hiring a mortgage broker can be quite beneficial to borrowers with poor credit or no credit since many of the lenders who work with a broker are looking more closely at the borrower’s ability to repay the loan than their credit history. If your credit score leaves something to be desired, contact one of our agents to discuss options in obtaining funds for your new home.

Apply Now

It takes less than 5 minutes to start the process- and an agent from our firm will be by your side the whole way. We’ll designate a personal mortgage agent to your application who will be there to answer questions and discuss your needs with you, to ensure the loan you are approved for is one that will truly meet your needs. Call now for great low mortgage rates in Edmonton.

Mortgage Rates Edmonton

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