Mortgage Broker Seattle

Why You Need a Mortgage Broker in Seattle:

What You’re Facing: You need a loan but have been turned down by your bank. If you’re like a lot of other loyal bank customers, you didn’t see the rejection coming. You’ve been faithful to your banking institution for many years and thought they would be happy to help you when it came time to purchase your first home.

How We Help: At Seattle Mortgage Brokers, we hear stories like yours every day from our clients who tell us that in the end, their bank only cared about their bottom line, and that their years of loyal banking meant nothing to their banker when all was said and done. We have a multitude of options at our fingertips to draw from to help you purchase the home you’re looking at. As a premier mortgage broker in Seattle, we’re able to reach deep into the community to find funding for your dream. Give us a call to find out more about our services.

What You’ve Been Told: If another lender has told you that you don’t qualify for a loan due to a low credit score, you may have been led to believe that you would have to wait to improve your credit score before you would be eligible to apply again. While that’s common at banks and credit unions, it’s not typical when you go through a mortgage broker.

How We Help: At SMB, we can put you in immediate touch with lenders who are not as interested in your credit score as they are in matching you with the right type of loan that you’ll be able to pay off without stretching your budget too far. Lower rates and better terms on your mortgage ensure you end up with a repayment plan that meets your needs, rather than those of the lender. We have loans available for clients in a wide range of credit score numbers, so take heart- you may still qualify for a loan.

Wait? For what? Your bank tells you that with no down payment, you’ll have to wait to buy the home of your dreams. They tell you to start saving, and come back to speak with their loan office once you’ve saved up enough for a down payment on your home.

How We Help: When you hire us for your mortgage broker in Seattle, you’ll find we are able to offer many more options than a traditional lender. At SMB, we have Down Payment Assistance loan products available for our clients who have no money down whatsoever. Our Conventional 1% down payment loan is matched by our investors with a 2% gift, giving you a total of 3% equity at the time of your home’s closing.

See why we are known as a reputable mortgage broker in Seattle with an option for every home buyer. Call our agents to discuss your needs and we’ll go to work on your behalf to find the right lender. Don’t take no for an answer - call us or visit us on the web and get the answer you deserve.

Mortgage Broker Seattle
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Mortgage Broker Seattle
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