Los Angeles CA toxic mold attorneys

Los Angeles CA toxic mold attorneys

It goes without saying that the word mold alone can be frightening. When it comes to toxic mold exposure, you may think about various levels of legal, medical, and insurance issues piled onto your plate. Anyone who gets exposed to mold could encounter a range of medical problems that include respiratory issues, coughing, wheezing, or even death. Having help from Los Angeles, CA, toxic mold attorneys will give you the base you need to build a solid case.

Did you know? Anyone can be exposed to toxic mold at work, at home, and even inside your child's school. Harmful mold infestations can impact your family but also anything within your home, like clothing and furniture.

Mold exposure legal cases have become quite a hot topic over the last decade. In a recent legal event in Arizona, the jury awarded a homeowner and his household over $4 million for their insurance carrier delaying mold contamination remediation. This result was not easily achieved, and you do require an experienced mold litigation attorney if you are considering filing a similar case.

What Is Toxic Mold?

Everyone should know that mold is all around us, in the air outside and on our clothing and surfaces we come into contact with. However, toxic black mold often comes with various possible health concerns. Like asbestos litigations of the past, many people are now looking at assistance from lawyers for mold exposure victims to get the compensation they need.

There are several kinds of mold, but only exposure to particular types in large enough quantities can lead to health concerns. These are the kind considered to be toxic mold. Toxic mold has a texture that can be sticky or slimy, with some being powdery and fuzzy. Like other types of mold, you can find toxic black mold in many damp areas that do not have proper ventilation.

Talking To Los Angeles, CA, Toxic Mold Attorneys

Litigation for toxic black mold can be intensive and time-consuming. Whenever a Los Angeles toxic mold law firm looks at a potential case, there are several factors they consider, including:

  1. If the person in question suffered from property damage or bodily injury.
  2. That the damage they suffered was due to toxic black mold exposure.
  3. The insurance coverage or person in question is liable for any damages brought on by toxic mold.

The most significant hurdle for any plaintiff to overcome in a toxic mold case is proving the link between exposure and illness. However, working with the right Los Angeles toxic mold law firm with all the necessary experience ensures you get the results you are hoping for. This is where we come in at Albert Abkarian & Associates APLC.

Do you believe you have a claim for injury or illness sustained due to toxic mold exposure? We are here to assist at Albert Abkarian & Associates APLC and we would love to talk with you about the details of your possible case. We are your number one choice when looking for Los Angeles, CA, toxic mold attorneys. Contact us for a toxic mold consultation by calling (855) 888-1808.

Los Angeles CA toxic mold attorneys

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Los Angeles CA toxic mold attorneys Los Angeles CA toxic mold attorneys Los Angeles CA toxic mold attorneys Los Angeles CA toxic mold attorneys Los Angeles CA toxic mold attorneys Los Angeles CA toxic mold attorneys