Buying A Condo In Seattle

Are you considering buying a condo in Seattle? If yes, we can help you. Many homebuyers turn to condos as their dwelling of choice for several good reasons, many of which we have covered here. Let's explore the benefits of buying a condo in Seattle over other property types to get a better overall picture.

Little maintenance worries

You have less maintenance to do when you buy a condo compared to other property types. With a house, you are responsible for checking on major appliances, maintaining the grounds, examining the roof, windows, and doors to ensure the house is secure and safe. But with a condo, HOA dues cover common items such as roof, landscaping, security, elevators, hallways, and fitness center. You are only responsible for everything inside the home like painting, appliances, and floors.

Lower price points

Condo inventories in Seattle are always on the rise as new construction projects come on the market. This means that more selection will push prices lower. In today's market, a typical two-bedroom condo will cost you less money than a two-bed apartment. So you will need less out-of-pocket cash to get started. This makes buying a condo a good investment in real estate.

Walkable locations

Living in a condo is practically the best option if you want to be close to the theater, spa, restaurants, and core retail district in Seattle because condos take up less space. Generally, homes are less likely to be found right in the middle of a city. When they are, you can expect to pay a lot of money for them. 

Basic amenities

Condo often has amenities that are not available for purchase and maintain in a home scenario. These amenities can provide leisure to improve your life and socialize with people around you. In a condo, amenities you can find include a cafe, fitness suite, or children's playground, pool with poolside lounge, private dining hall, private parking, round the clock concierge. All these amenities make a condo more attractive.


Almost all condos in the Seattle core have 24/7 security service. There is peace of mind having a familiar face on security duty around the clock to secure your property. This will minimize the risk of insecurity. In case of an emergency on your premises, you will have someone around to call for help.


Before, condos typically appreciated at a slower rate than other property types because home is more appealing to more people. Most importantly, the land you get is a massive factor in appreciation. Nowadays, things have changed. Recent market reports reveal that condo value rise more than home. 

Are You Ready To Buy A Condo In Seattle?  

Hopefully, you've been able to figure out some of the benefits of buying a condo. If you are considering getting a condo or any other property type, our Seattle WA realtors can help you. Contact the team at Seattle's Mortgage Broker today at 206-251-0818 to help you find the perfect home at the best price.

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Buying A Condo In Seattle
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