Best Neighborhoods In Seattle

There are a lot of options to choose from when it comes to the best neighborhoods in Seattle. Seattle is a great place to live and make a living. There are multiple job opportunities in the area. The local schools are highly rated. Not to mention, Seattle provides a beautiful backdrop at night when the city lights come on. Seattle is a great place to call home.

If you are moving to the Seattle area, it is normal to be curious about the neighborhoods in Seattle. You want to find a neighborhood where you will fit in and enjoy living. At Seattle’s Mortgage Broker, we can help you find a mortgage on homes in some of the best neighborhoods in Seattle. Let our team of trained professionals cater directly to your mortgage needs.

Best Neighborhoods in Seattle

The following is a list of some of the top neighborhoods in the Seattle area. Keep in mind that this is not all of the options. At Seattle’s Mortgage Broker, we can help you get a mortgage on a home in any of the following neighborhoods.

  • Mount Baker – Mount Baker is full of newer model townhouses and bungalows that are sure to meet the needs of your family. Mount Baker is not far from I-90, which makes it an ideal commute for those who work in the Eastside area.
  • West Seattle – West Seattle is only four miles from the downtown area. Twenty three percent of the families in West Seattle have children. The area is full of older homes that are being remodeled and flipped.
  • South Lake Union – The population of South Lake Union skyrocketed up twenty percent in the last year alone. It is one of the fastest growing neighborhoods in Seattle. The area has some unique housing developments in recent years. Sixty six percent of the residents in this area have college degrees.
  • Leschi – Leschi provides picturesque views of the multiple large bodies of water that surround Seattle. Homes in this area are a bit more expensive than in the other areas mentioned above. Largely populated by homeowners, the area has a diverse grouping of people. Forty five percent of the people in Leschi are nonwhite.
  • Ravenna – Ravenna has one of the most competitive housing markets in Seattle. Most of the homes in the area were built before 1940. Craftsman and Tudor homes are what you will mainly find in the Ravenna area.
  • Greenwood – In Greenwood, fifty two percent of the population own their homes. Younger people who are buying their first home and starting their families can be found in Greenwood. Conveniently located near I-5, Greenwood is an easy commute.

If you are interested in purchasing a home in the Seattle area, consider the neighborhoods mentioned above. Seattle’s Mortgage Broker can help you get a mortgage once you have decided which neighborhood attracts you the most. Do not delay in getting in touch with our professional team at Seattle’s Mortgage Broker. We can guide you through the process of getting a mortgage in Seattle Washington top neighborhoods.

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Best Neighborhoods In Seattle Best Neighborhoods In Seattle Best Neighborhoods In Seattle Best Neighborhoods In Seattle Best Neighborhoods In Seattle Best Neighborhoods In Seattle