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First Time Home Buyer Seattle Are you a first time home buyer in Seattle? If you’re just getting started out in life, your bank may not take you as serious as you’d like. At SMB, our mortgage experts are committed to investing in our clients who are purchasing their very first home. Our down payment assistance loans are perfect for a young family just starting out. Apply for a loan over our website now. First Time Home Buyer Seattle

Gas Cards For Bad Credit
Where you stand in terms of your credit score can make a big impact on your life in a variety of ways. Not just getting a new car or renting an apartment, but having a good credit profile can also help you maintain stability financially. Your Credit Status

6 Tips To File Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

bankruptcy chapter 13When paying your debts seems impossible, bankruptcy may become the only way out of the financial mess. Even in bankruptcy, you still have to choose between chapter 7 and chapter 13. With bankruptcy chapter 13, you can receive a discharge from your entire debt after making payments according to the terms of your agreement.Ideally, you will have about 3 to 5 years to complete your payment and get out … Bankruptcy Chapter 13