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OFC FHA 100%

At SMB we always have a program that is perfect for you. With a forgivable 'silent second' mortgage you can purchase a home with nothing down and receive up to $20,728 as a down payment. 

  • 30-year fixed rate
  • Minimum 640 credit
  • Income limit varies by county 
  • Loan amount up to $592,250
  • Down payment assistance is provided via a second mortgage
  • 2nd mortgage repayment is forgiven after 36 on-time payments
  • No monthly payment required on the 2nd mortgage during the first 36 months
  • Must meet income eligibility to qualify


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Income limited by county

Conventional 1% Down Payment

We give our buyers low down payment options, great rates and a head start on their equity. Seattle's Mortgage Broker is one of the first in the industry to offer 1% down on conventional loans with a 2% equity boost!

  • Clients pay 1%, our investors gift 2%, giving buyers 3% equity at closing
  • 700+ FICO, 43% max DTI
  • Great low rates
  • Close in 30 days or less
  • Available with no monthly Mortgage Insurance

OFC FHA 100%

NO income limit

Buying with nothing down just got easy with SMB's newest down payment program, OFC FHA 100%. Our reliable, upfront approvals create a smooth process for you and your family as you are securing your next home. Program flexibility waives the standard income limits associated with down payment assistance so the only thing you need to decide is which house to buy. 

Program highlights include:

  • 30-year fixed rate
  • Minimum 640 credit
  • No income limit
  • Loan amount up to $592,250
  • Down payment assistance is provided via a second mortgage
  • 2nd mortgage repayment term can be 10, 15, 20 or 30 year

Income limited by county*

*NO income limit for:

  • Pierce
  • King
  • Snohomish - counties

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Lending Made Easy is more than just a slogan; It's what you'll find when you work with SMB. Our clients receive access to a full array of loan products, cutting edge technology that is leading the industry, underwriting consistency, and superior client service that you won't get with any other lender. Find out what makes us stand out from the rest.

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